The main aim of the spider_art project is to show the forms of visual culture of ordinary, formalized and utilitarian life in another - associative view.

The np_spider 1.0 system offers to look upon visual ensemble of the information flow of the internet, that doesn't contain any predefind, formal conditions from the domen owners' side.

The system is developed on the basis of PHP, MySQL, JavaScript + HTML & CSS programming languages.

The system is optimizd for MS Explorer 6.x. and Mozilla Firefox 2.x.

Options & spider_art console:

Set up, please, (considering from the resulution of your display), size of the picture which will be used for the np_spider 1.0 graphical artworks! After that press ">" to open spider_art



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Open spider_art!

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Concept, design & programming:

Matiss Kulis
np_spider 1.0 © 2003, All rights reserved

Special thanks to:

Raitis Šmits (RIXC, VKN)
Jevgēnijs Džeriņš, Solvita Rovīte, Arnis Šinka, Katrīna Sataki
LATNET (domen hosting)
and to all best friends... :)